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5 tips for making the perfect dish at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth


Creating a restaurant-quality dish isn’t as complicated as you might think. All you need to do is keep these five basics in mind and you’ll be making crowd-pleasers faster than you can say ‘Masterchef’.


  1. Get your kitchen organised

Ever notice how TV chefs always have a tidy kitchen, with all the ingredients set aside ready to cook? Having a clean and organised space makes cooking so much easier and means you’ll spend more time perfecting the recipe, rather than running around trying to find the right knife or peeler.


  1. Use fresh, seasonal produce

The best chefs use produce that is as close to the source as possible. That means turning up at your local farmer’s markets and talking to producers about what’s in season.


  1. Discover new recipes

Wandering around the farmer’s markets might inspire you try new recipes, but you can also get ideas online or in magazines and cookbooks. If you’re dining out and love the taste of your meal, ask the chef if they’re happy to share the recipe. They love sharing tips and can often recommend a simpler version to try at home.


  1. Get creative

Even if you’re making the tried and tested family favourites, you can still perfect the recipe by adding a new garnish or presenting it in a different way. You may like to try a vegetarian version, or switching up the flavours for a nice change.


  1. Taste and improve

Opening a bottle of wine and sitting down to enjoy your dish is the best reward for your hard work in the kitchen. But it doesn’t stop there. Try to really taste the flavours in your dish and consider what you could do next time to improve the recipe. Don’t forget to write it down!


Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Recipe

Make the most of fresh, seasonal produce this spring, with our classic Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon with orange braised fennel, roasted artichokes and passionfruit beurre blanc. The combination of salmon and passionfruit brings together sweet and savoury flavours that will soon be a favourite among friends and family.

This classic dish was created by our Executive Chef Boris Cuzon, who brings a wealth of experience and an elegant French touch to our Garden Court Restaurant. Located on level five of the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, the restaurant is a lush courtyard retreat with an open kitchen and modern French cuisine, perfect for enjoying a luxurious meal on a warm spring evening.


200g salmon

60g roasted artichokes

100g shaved fennel

50g micro shiso (green and red)

150g orange juice

2g cinnamon

2g star anise

2g orange peel

30g passionfruit pulp

30g butter, plus extra

(Serves 1)


  1. Place orange juice, peel, cinnamon and star anise in a saucepan and bring to boil.
  2. Add fennel and braise until it’s tender but still holds its shape. Set aside.
  3. Pan fry salmon in extra butter until skin is crispy.
  4. Heat passionfruit and butter in saucepan.
  5. Arrange braised fennel in the centre of the plate, then place salmon on top.
  6. Garnish with passionfruit beurre blanc and herbs, then serve.

The Garden Court Restaurant is open for lunch Monday to Friday; 12:00pm - 02:00pm and dinner Monday to Saturday, from 6:00pm to 10.30pm. For more information and bookings, call 02 9228 9188 or visit our website