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As winter draws to a close, August brings an array of captivating events and experiences at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth. With the city bustling with cultural happenings and sporting spectacles, our iconic hotel has curated an extraordinary selection of offerings to elevate your stay in Sydney. From world-class performances at the Sydney Opera House to delectable French cuisine and thrilling sporting events, here's a guide to making the most of your August at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.

A Long Weekend the French Way Getaway

Looking to escape the daily routine? Sofitel Sydney Wentworth has the perfect solution for you. Indulge in a Long Weekend the French Way with an exclusive sydney accommodation deal that includes luxurious amenities, exceptional service, and a touch of French flair. Experience unparalleled comfort and relaxation in the heart of Sydney, and allow the hotel to elevate your stay with special touches that make it truly memorable. 

Indulge in ultimate comfort with our exclusive offer. Book both Saturday and Sunday nights in August and receive unforgettable benefits. Enjoy a late checkout until 4pm on Monday, embracing the French way of living with a luxuriously extended stay. Experience relaxation and create cherished memories in this vibrant city. Book now for a sophisticated and rejuvenating getaway.

Miss Saigon by Opera Australia

In partnership with Opera Australia, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth brings you the enthralling production of Miss Saigon at the iconic Sydney Opera House. This timeless tale of love and heartbreak is set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and promises to captivate your senses with its stunning sets, powerful performances, and memorable music. Immerse yourself in the magic of the opera and let the emotions of this timeless story transport you to another world. Enhance your stay with exclusive sydney accommodation and our So Cultural Offer, where you can enjoy a buffet breakfast for two, welcome drinks, complimentary room upgrade and tickets to Miss Saigon! Experience this unforgettable theatrical experience at the Sydney Opera House, from 17 August until 13 October 2023.

Romeo and Juliet by Bell Shakespeare

For lovers of literature and theater, Bell Shakespeare's production of "Romeo and Juliet" is an unmissable event this August. Experience the tragic love story of the star-crossed lovers as it unfolds on stage, beautifully brought to life by the talented performers. The performance promises to be a mesmerizing blend of classic prose, elegant performances, and impressive stagecraft, all set to ignite the passions of the heart. Elevate your stay with exclusive Sydney accommodation and our So Cultural Offer, featuring a buffet breakfast for two, welcome drinks, complimentary room upgrade, and Romeo and Juliet tickets! Romeo and Juliet performances run from 2 August to 27 August, at The Neilson Nutshell performance theatre on Pier 2/3, Dawes Point.

Speciality Cocktails at Soirée Bar

After an enchanting night at the opera or theater, head to Soirée Bar at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth to continue your night in style. The chic bar offers a selection of specialty cocktails that are both artful and innovative. Whether you prefer a classic French Martini or a contemporary creation, the expert mixologists will cater to your taste, ensuring a memorable evening of sophistication and indulgence.

French Cuisine at Garden Court Restaurant

Executive Chef Bektas Ozcan welcomes you to embark on a culinary journey through France without leaving Sydney. The Garden Court Restaurant at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth offers an exquisite selection of French-inspired dishes, thoughtfully crafted to delight your palate. Savor the rich flavors of traditional French cuisine, showcasing the freshest local produce and authentic cooking techniques, all served amidst the elegant ambiance of the indoor garden setting.

A Celebration of Women's Football: FIFA Women's World Cup

As the FIFA Women's World Cup takes center stage in Sydney this August, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth embraces the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Join in the excitement by catching the matches at the hotel's chic venues, where you can cheer on your favorite teams while enjoying a range of delectable refreshments. The hotel's warm hospitality ensures that the atmosphere is charged with energy and passion for the sport.

Run with the City2Surf

For fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the City2Surf is an iconic event that allows you to experience Sydney's stunning scenery in a unique way. With Sofitel Sydney Wentworth's prime location in the heart of the city, you can easily access the starting point of the race. Fuel up with a nourishing breakfast before the run, and unwind with a rejuvenating spa treatment afterward to soothe those tired muscles.

Embrace the Best of August at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

August at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth is a celebration of culture, cuisine, and sports, offering a diverse array of experiences to suit every taste. From the mesmerising performances of Miss Saigon and Romeo and Juliet to the indulgent French cuisine at Garden Court Restaurant, each moment promises to be unforgettable.

Pair your cultural experiences with specialty cocktails at Soirée Bar and bask in the excitement of the FIFA Women's World Cup. For a luxurious getaway, take advantage of the exclusive Long Weekend offer and immerse yourself in the hotel's warm hospitality.

If you're up for some adventure, participate in the iconic City2Surf race and return to the comfort of Sofitel Sydney Wentworth to relax and rejuvenate!

This August, let Sofitel Sydney Wentworth be your gateway to a month filled with cherished memories, where culture, cuisine, and sports intertwine to create an extraordinary stay in the heart of Sydney.