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Hotel of the arts at Sofitel Sydney WentworthThe four tops

Sydney’s Hotel of the Arts


Sydney's home for culturally-inspired Parisian experiences

As Sydney’s hotel for the arts, Sofitel Wentworth celebrates passion for and commitment to the arts by partnering with and sponsoring major arts institutions and organisations across the city and with the hotel’s very own in-house exhibitions and displays.

Sydney is a city truly designed to inspire. This inspiration has given rise to creativity and innovation within all arts mediums, helping to establish a city that is known around the world for its diverse and thriving arts scene.

We invite you to explore our partners and exclusive partnership offers. 

Art gallery of nsw at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

The Art Gallery of NSW is the state of NSW’s leading visual arts institution, which displays both local Australian and international art.  

Australian youth orchestra at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

The Australian Youth Orchestra is one of the world’s most prestigious and innovative training organisations for pre-professional musicians aged 12 to 30.

Alliance Française De Sydney Sofitel Sydney Wentworth
Alliance Française De Sydney

Alliance Française De Sydney is a non-for-profit organization, teaching French and promoting the culture of French speaking countries internationally. 


Opera Australia Sofitel Sydney Wentworth
Opera Australia

Opera Australia is an well-known performing arts company, with its home being none other than the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Australian World Orchestra Sofitel Sydney Wentworth
Australian World Orchestra

The Australian World Orchestra is an international treasure, a unique cultural institution which celebrates and performs classical music to the masses.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Atout France
Atout France

Atout France in partnership with Sofitel Sydney Wentworth are celebrating the leading faces of rugby leading up to the Rugby World Cup, France 2023.