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Sofitel's Diamond Jubilee

A Journey Through History

Sofitel Hotels & Resorts has a rich history that dates back to 1964 when the first Sofitel opened its doors in Strasbourg, France. Founded with a vision to combine French sophistication with the art of exceptional hospitality, Sofitel quickly became synonymous with luxury and elegance. Over the past six decades, the brand has expanded its footprint globally, bringing its unique blend of French art de vivre and local charm to travellers around the world.

Milestones of Elegance and Innovation

1960s - The Birth of a Legend: The opening of the first Sofitel in Strasbourg marked the beginning of a new era in luxury hospitality. The hotel set new standards with its exquisite design, superior service, and French culinary excellence.

1970s - Expansion and Growth: Sofitel expanded rapidly, opening new hotels in major cities across Europe and beyond. Each new property was a testament to the brand's commitment to offering an unparalleled guest experience.

1980s - A Global Presence: Sofitel continued to grow its international presence, entering new markets and introducing its signature blend of French elegance and local culture to diverse destinations.

1990s—Innovations and Awards: In the 1990s, Sofitel introduced innovative services and amenities that set new benchmarks in luxury hospitality. The brand received numerous awards and accolades for its commitment to excellence.

2000s - A Modern Renaissance: In the early 2000s, Sofitel underwent a significant transformation, rebranding itself as Sofitel Luxury Hotels. This period saw the introduction of new concepts and experiences that reinforced the brand's position as a leader in luxury hospitality.

2010s - Embracing Culture and Community: Sofitel deepened its connection with local cultures and communities, offering guests unique and immersive experiences. The brand also focused on sustainability and responsible tourism, aligning with global efforts to protect the environment.

2020s—A Diamond Jubilee: As Sofitel celebrates its 60th anniversary, the brand reflects on its illustrious history and looks forward to a future of continued innovation and excellence. The Diamond Jubilee celebrates the brand's legacy and ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its guests.

Learn more about the exclusive events and activations that will take place all around the world here


Join us this Spring as we conclude Sofitel's Diamond Jubilee festivities with our grand reopening and unveiling of the Rebirth of a Sydney icon, marking the culmination of events across all Sofitel hotels worldwide.