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Delta Rue


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Introducing Delta Rue, a lavish and bustling Australian French-Vietnamese restaurant on level 5. The interiors transport guests to a 1920s villa in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, blending old-world elegance with the vibrant influence of the modern era. The dining room, seating 150 guests, spills onto a lush terrace accommodating an additional 60 diners.

Discover a feasting table and a breakfast buffet, complemented by a clandestine and exclusive private dining room. Experience a lively buzz as guests dine late into the night at Delta Rue, where the vibrant atmosphere enhances your dining journey.

At Delta Rue, the star is the local produce, celebrated through Vietnamese-French influences that promise freshness and culinary excellence. From the captivating ambience to the exquisite flavours, Delta Rue invites you to indulge in a unique culinary experience that captures the essence of both cultures.

Opening Hours

Opening September 2024